Fun Facts

First Name: Shriram
Last Name: Thirumalai Eachambadi
Preferred Name: Ram (pronounced Rahm, like former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel) Eachambadi (Ee-chum-bah-dee)
Current Residence: Toronto, ON
Languages Spoken:
  • English & Tamil - fluent (fluency in Tamil only with spoken)
  • Hindi & Malayalam - elementary (fluent in reading Hindi; low conversational proficiency in both)

  • Publications

  • Ram Eachambadi, George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, and the Much-Needed Indian Role in Anti-Racism, JURIST Professional Commentary, July 6, 2020, available at https://www.jurist.org/commentary/2020/07/ram-eachambadi-need-for-indian-antiracism/
  • Ram Eachambadi, JURIST Paper Chase Legal News Archive, https://www.jurist.org/news/author/rambadi.
  • Shriram Thirumalai Eachambadi, Leave It to the Feds Eliminate the State And Local Income Tax: Proposing a Move Toward a Single-Layer Income Tax System, 15 Pitt. Tax Rev. 215 (2018), available at http://taxreview.law.pitt.edu/ojs/index.php/taxreview/article/view/73